Ladies Can Tech, 2024. Live in Port Harcourt.
Welcome to LADIES CAN TECH, an annual event organized by Harvoxx Tech Hub, the convener of TechUp Port Harcourt Event. Our mission is to bridge the gender gap in technology by educating, exposing, encouraging, and empowering women to start and grow their careers in tech or to leverage tech to grow their businesses/organizations or personal brands.

At LADIES CAN TECH, we believe that women have the potential to make significant contributions to the tech industry, and we're committed to supporting and nurturing their talents. The event is well-structured, featuring keynote speeches from accomplished industry professionals, informative panel discussions, and engaging workshops that provide practical skills and knowledge.

We believe that every woman has the potential to thrive in the tech industry, and the LCT event is designed to support them in their journey. Our team of experienced speakers, panelists, and volunteers, are dedicated to providing high-quality content, hands-on workshops, and engaging sessions that will equip women with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed.

LADIES CAN TECH is not just about learning, but also about connecting. Our event provides an opportunity for women to network, collaborate, and form relationships that will support and sustain them in their careers. We aim to create a community of women who inspire, encourage, and uplift each other.

So whether you're a student, a young professional, an entrepreneur, or simply someone interested in the world of tech, we invite you to join us at LADIES CAN TECH. Let's learn, grow, and empower each other to create a more inclusive and diverse tech industry

  1. Educate: At LADIES CAN TECH, we provide high-quality educational content that is specifically tailored to women interested in the tech industry. Our workshops and panel discussions cover a range of topics, from technical skills like coding and data analysis to soft skills like communication and leadership.
  2. Expose: We believe that exposure to different aspects of the tech industry is crucial for women to make informed decisions about their careers. That's why we offer a variety of sessions that showcase different career paths within tech, as well as the latest trends and innovations in the industry.
  3. Encourage: Women are often underrepresented in the tech industry, which can make it difficult to feel confident and motivated. We aim to change that by providing a supportive and encouraging environment where women can share their experiences, ask questions, and receive mentorship and guidance from experienced professionals.
  4. Empower: Our ultimate goal at LADIES CAN TECH is to empower women to take control of their careers in tech. We believe that by providing education, exposure, and encouragement, women will feel confident and capable of pursuing their goals in the industry, whether that means starting their own business, advancing in their current role, or exploring new career opportunities.
Ladies Can Tech
Every year Ladies Can Tech offers amazing experiences and memories. This year's edition will be the best Ladies Can Tech event yet.
Here are some reasons why you should attend.
Learn how to get started:
If you're new to the tech industry, LADIES CAN TECH is the perfect place to get started. Our conference offers a range of workshops and sessions that cover the basics of tech, including coding, software development, and more. You'll learn from experienced professionals who will provide practical advice and guidance on how to get started in the industry.
Find a co-founder:
Starting a tech business can be challenging, but having a co-founder can make all the difference. LADIES CAN TECH offers plenty of networking opportunities that can help you find the right person to partner with on your next venture. You'll have the chance to connect with other women in tech who share your vision and passion for innovation.
Learn how to monetize your tech skills:
If you're looking to turn your tech skills into a profitable business, LADIES CAN TECH can help you learn how to monetize your skills. Our conference offers a variety of sessions that cover business models, pricing strategies, and more. You'll gain valuable insights from successful women in tech who have built profitable businesses around their tech skills.
Network for growth:
Networking is crucial in the tech industry, and LADIES CAN TECH offers plenty of opportunities to connect with other women in tech. You'll have the chance to meet and network with professionals from different fields and backgrounds, which can help you expand your knowledge and grow your career
Get Mentorship:
Mentorship is one of the most valuable resources you can have in the tech industry, and LADIES CAN TECH offers mentorship opportunities with experienced professionals. You'll have the chance to connect with mentors who can provide guidance, support, and advice on how to navigate the industry and succeed in your career.
Learn how to raise funds:
If you're looking to raise funds for your tech startup, LADIES CAN TECH can help you learn how to do it successfully. Our conference offers sessions on fundraising strategies, investor pitching, and more. You'll gain valuable insights from successful women who have raised funds for their own ventures.
Learn more about the business of tech:
To succeed in the tech industry, you need to have a good understanding of the business side of things. LADIES CAN TECH offers sessions on topics like product development, marketing, and more, which can help you learn how to build and grow a successful tech business.
The legal aspect of tech and startup:
Understanding the legal aspects of the tech industry is crucial for any startup. At the event, attendees can learn about the legal frameworks, regulations, and compliance requirements for tech businesses.
Leverage Tech to grow your business:
Leveraging tech to grow a business is essential in today's digital age. At the event, participants can learn how to leverage technology to improve their business operations, reach more customers, and grow their business. They can also learn about the latest trends in tech, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and the Internet of Things.
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Become. Build. Dominate

This Year's Theme: The Rise of the Standard Tech-Sis: Become. Build. Dominate.

Discover the journey of transformation at the LADIES CAN TECH event. Learn how to get started in the tech industry, from developing essential skills to understanding the various tech roles available and staying relevant. This is your first step towards becoming a powerful force in tech.
Building a successful career or startup in tech requires more than just skills; it requires vision, strategy, and the right partnerships. At our event, you'll find opportunities to connect with potential co-founders, learn how to monetize your tech skills, and recruit top talent to build a dynamic and innovative team.
Equip yourself with the knowledge and resources to dominate the tech industry. Gain insights into the secrets of growth, business of tech, learn how to raise funds, and navigate the legal aspects of starting and growing a tech company. With mentorship from industry leaders and a strong network of support, you'll be able to build a solid career in tech or leverage technology to grow your business and lead the future of innovation.
Meet Our Speakers
At Ladies Can Tech we will feature Founders, Experts, Techpreneurs, Investors and Experienced Techies at the event.
We know you can't wait to meet them, we'll unveil them very soon.
Manis Balakrishnan
Manis Balakrishnan
Manis Balakrishnan
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